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The World

The first step in understanding the scope of design needed on this project was understand the world that Adam was escaping. A dystopian future where a corporation named Sorian ruled the domain of time travel and all the benefits that came with that type of power.

All of the the props, technologies and equipment that needed to be designed all came from Sorian, so establishing the Sorian brand and identity was paramount to the overall design process as we wanted all of these assets to have a cohesive design language. The decisions here will permeate into props, jets, screen GFX and architecture.


Sorian is the company owned and operated by a lunatic by the name Maya Sorian. It is also the company that owns the technology and the ability to travel through time. Let’s be honest, rigging the game was always in their plans. In terms of branding, Evil-Tesla meets Skynet.. that pretty much it sums up.

The logo is sleek and futuristic that employs the use of a 45 degree chamfer, which is something we continue through many of the design principles of tech, props and architecture in this film.

The trademark S is actually two converging arrows spiralling together to a central point where a divergence or wormhole would exist. It is in this 45 degree divergence we want to house and establish Sorian’s identity.
From this point on, we applied this design anywhere and everywhere we could.
With an ego like Maya Sorian’s we even made an entire building out of this logo.

One of our largest projects to date, The Adam Project is a sci-fi feature film Directed by Shawn Levy, starring
Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Garner, Catherine Keener, Alex Mallari Jr. and Walker Scobell.

Good ol’ IMDB says:
After accidentally crash-landing in 2022, time-traveling fighter pilot Adam Reed teams up with his 12-year-old self for a mission to save the future.

Supervixen were tasked with the process of designing many of the props and future technologies that all stemmed from an organization called Sorian. As we collaborated closely with the talented individuals Claude Paré, Erik Nash, and Alessandro Ongaro, our involvement in the creative aspects of The Adam Project expanded significantly, encompassing both pre-production and post-production areas.

The work you are about to see was designed and largely built (digitally) in-house and shared with the other post production studios involved. Companies such as DNEG, Scanline and LolaVFX for whom we have great respect for and are proud to call friends and allies in story telling.

So get comfy, this page will be long as shit!

SV x


Scope of work
Creative Direction | Art Direction | Conceptual Design |
VFX | Title Sequence

21 Laps Entertainment,
A Maximum Effort,
Skydance Media, Netflix

August | 2020

The Project
The First Step

Before we dive into the work we created for this amazing production, here is a small segment from a much larger  BTS featurette covering our input with commentary from the Director, Shawn Levy and the Prop-Master, Dean Eilertson.


One of many highlights working with this great team.

The gallery below covers our first initial step of sketching up some concepts. We were asked to look at Soldier design as well as any and all props that came from the age of Sorian (so to speak). All of this is intended on being Sorian Tech, so it should all look like it should speak the same design language.

The Props

Once the prop design was established, we found ourselves facing the opportunity to do what we have been wanting to do for years – uniting the Pre-Production and concept design process with the Post-Production process.

Given our capabilities as a studio that covers both of these territories, we built all props in-house in 3D and to scale. This allowed us help Dean, the prop master translate them into real physical props that have a 1 to 1 level
of accuracy while also sharing these files with the other Post-Production houses across the world to ensure a coherent design and execution process that fit with Shawn's vision for The Adam Project.

The gallery below shows the selected props with various surface finishes and finer details.